The name Sweet Jayne may have been around for years, but when you walk though our doors you will see something completely new. Since the end of 2012 ownership has changed and we have taken things in a different direction and have a unique vision for what we will become.

We carry high quality, fashion forward items, yet we wanted to create an atmosphere where people felt like they were getting a good deal, so we decided against high markups and chose to mark our items close to wholesale to make things accessible for everyone. We also value individuality, which is why we only carry six of an item and get new items twice a week to keep our stock fresh and you unique.

Community is important to us which is why our jewelry, candles, bags, and several other accessories are handmade locally from artisans in the Portland area. Even some of our clothing is by local designers, and we are looking forward to continue to add more and more local talent.

Yet, most important is you. Without you, there would be no us. So we offer style advice and outfit ideas that make you shine. We want everyone who steps though our door to leave feeling confident and proud to be themselves.