Apps, Apps, Apps.

It’s 2015 and we’ve yet to get our hover boards, but we at least have some really cool apps and info that will make you and your smart phone the tech-y Lewis and Clark explorers we know you all are!

First off, you know all those little punch cards that seem to hide in the creases of your wallet, you can’t find them till they have expired or they’ve worn down to the point where you can’t even read them? No one likes that. Enter Supportland. If you haven’t heard of them by now, do yourself a favor and look them up! It is a digital punchcard that can be used with either their free mobile app or a single card that will help you earn point all across Portland. You earn points by purchasing items at participating stores or visiting shops for the first time. Once you have accrued enough points, you are able to unlock a special offer for that particular store (rewards vary). We have the cards available at our front counter for the taking!

Speaking of shopping local, we are also part of another really great app called Explore Local. Free to download, it allows you to look up the best of the best (5 star only) right where you are. Outfitted with GPS and deals to unlock, it’s a great companion for visitors and locals who maybe want to get out of their rut and try a new place to eat or shop. These folks have been wonderful to work with and we are very flattered to be on their radar.

It may have just passed, but come every black friday and small business saturday, there is this magical little thing that happens in Portland called Little Boxes. I’ll be the first to admit, I severely dislike black friday shopping, but after trying Little Boxes for the first time last year, I am a reformed woman. It basically is this: a free app (or paper passport if you prefer old-school) that will allow you to earn points at each participating shop you visit. Pop your head in the door, get a point. Buy some stuff, get more points that will unlock 10% off on your next stop. The points are all adding up to some fantastic prizes (last time, grand prize was a 4 day trip to San Diego, San Francisco, or Hawaii!). This is a fantastic way to beat the crowds and get your family and friends some unique and local gifts!

And finally, while you are still in the tech frame of mind, we encourage you to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages! We try to post daily with new goodies and sales or events we may be having. And if you happen to see something you can’t live without, let us know and we can hold it aside or even ship it to you! You can’t beat that!


Check out these local PDX businesses:
Explore Local
Little Boxes

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