On the drive to work today I was feeling totally blessed. The sun was shining, Mt. Hood was looking lovely, and the light was playing just right off the Colombia River. Having moved to the area only 5 years ago, I knew nothing about Oregon (except there were a lot of trees???). I still haven’t had the time to check out all the little hidden treasures this beautiful states has to offer, but I’m excited to start crossing off my list and hopefully finding some new places to call my favorites.

So while thinking about all this, I stumbled on the Travel Oregon website and they have the coolest page: 7 Wonders of Oregon!


How about it Locals? Do you think this is a pretty good list?

Any places you recommend?



We here at Sweet Jayne love fashion, but far more important than that, we love caring for people and the world around us. With that at our core we have been striving to partner with more and more local artists and designers who share our values. Let’s highlight a few of them shall we?

Sackcloth + Ashes

The founder, Bob Dalton, was compelled to begin Sackcloth + Ashes when in 2013 his hardworking, single mother found herself homeless. Bob saw that sometimes people, through no fault of their own, find themselves on the street.

He contacted several local homeless shelters and all said there was a serious need for blankets, thus Sackcloth + Ashes began. 

Their blankets are beautiful and their heart is simple: for every blanket sold, one is donated to your local homeless shelter.

They currently carry four different types of blankets: Alpaca, Fleece, Socality (pictured), and Tribal. All come in several beautiful colors and materials. I love the idea of wrapping one of these around your shoulders and knowing that one of these blankets is keeping someone out there warm at night.

Indie Ella

Jayna Lamb, the founder of Indie Ella has a fantastic beginnings story. Moving from Amsterdam to the Indian state of Goa she found her inspiration from the local markets, buying up armfuls of beautiful recycled saris and got to work on bringing new life to her finds. From there she traveled to London, Barcelona, Ibiza, back to Amsterdam and finally made her way back to her roots in Texas. There is currently an office here in Portland with whom we do business. 

All the silk saris are sourced from Bangalore and have been worn only once. It’s rather common for wealthy women to attend several (sometimes over a hundred) events a year and it’s customary to wear a different sari for each one. To keep these beautiful fabrics from going to waste, she found a way to give these beautiful garments new life through tops, dresses, kimonos, shorts, ect.

Manufacturing is also taken into account – they work with Fair Trade certified companies and the smaller manufactures are personally inspected to meet all Fair Trade standards. This wonderful brand has been received so well and it’s pieces are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 


Bridge Nine Candle Co.

With the iconic St. Johns Bridge front and center on their logo, it’s hard to find a more truly Portland candle maker than Bridge Nine Candle Co. It is a small local company that prides itself on staying au natural. All candles are made with soy wax sourced in America, 100% cotton wicks, and natural fragrance and essential oils sourced in America as well. All of these ensure a clean burning candle without harmful chemicals.

Several fragrances are available year round, such as NW Cedar, Portland Mist, and Lemon Verbena. As each new season cycles around we get delicious scents such as Citrus, Lilac, and Pineapple Sage in the Spring, while Winter we are graced with scents of Evergreen, Peppermint Bark, and Cider. And those are only a few of the scents they offer! Check out their Instagram for updates on their newest creations.

In addition, when you are done burning your candle, it can be brought in and $1 will be taken off your next candle.  Recycling at it’s finest.

Perspectives Clothing

Their motto: Every thread has a story.

Not only every thread, but also every person. That is the heart of Perspectives, to bring attention back to the people and hopefully inspire us to make a connection to those who really need it.

Their designs are bold, modern, and refreshingly monochromatic.

Partnered with non-profit organizations all over the globe, they are able to bring awareness to a variety of great causes. Plus, 10% of all earnings are sent directly to these organizations. They are striving for change, one story at a time.


What ways do you contribute to the world around you? The people around you? I encourage you all to seek out ways to love your neighbor, bless others, and be good caretakers of this beautiful place we call home.

NE Broadway here in Portland, OR is a great little community made up of small business and lovely restaurants. If you haven’t checked out our corner of Portland yet, this July is the perfect time to come on down.

NE Broadway Business Association will be hosting the annual Summer Sale, July 17th-19th, with super deals stretching up and down the street.

Friday will bring fantastic sales from local restaurants, boutiques, and other small businesses.

Saturday the sales will continue and will bring the Furever Pets Pet Fair. Furever Pets partner with several non-profit animal organizations in the area to find loving homes for pets in the area and also provide healthy and natural food treats, toys, and beyond for your dog or cat.

Sunday will also bring the Irvington Farmers Market with fresh produce, great food, live music, and much more.

We will be participating as well, so come down and have fun exploring our sweet neighborhood. 



It’s a magical time in the Pacific Northwest. We crawl, blinking from under our knit blankets and wool hats out into the welcoming warm sun.

Summer has always been one of my favorite seasons. I feel like I’m sloughing off the weight and sleepiness of the cold winds and cloud cover that make its home here most of the year.

With this incredible season comes a not so fun time for some – Shorts, tank tops, and yes, even the dreaded bathing suit. So often I hear from women, “I hate my legs” or “See how my arms jiggle like that? How could I ever wear a short sleeves?”

It is usually said with a giggle and shrug, but you can always sense a hint of sadness or frustration. But the thing is, and I promise you, everyone has something they are self conscious about. I repeat, everyone.

How others see you all starts with how you see yourself. The more you repeat these negative comments about yourself, the more you begin to believe them. The more you believe them, the more other people will believe it. Words are powerful like that. So turn that around for good. Find the good in yourself and that will set your eyes on the right path to finding the good in everything and everyone.

As my mom used to say, “Nothing good comes from contemplating your own bellybutton”. Translation: The more you focus on yourself the less you are able to see what is around you. So throw on those shorts, throw on that cute little bathing suit, and get on with life!

Life is too short and too full of wonderful things to experience to waste a moment of it worried about silly things like cellulite.

You are wonderfully made.

Last year was a big year for us; working with new vendors, getting into the groove of a new business, and participating in some pretty exciting events. Last fall we had the pleasure of being part of the Portland Fashion Week runway show held at Pioneer Courthouse Square, right in the heart of downtown Portland.

It was a three day event showcasing  ready to wear, bridal and couture, and finally, student and alumni from the Art Institute of Portland. We were there first day, clothing rack groaning under the weight of the carefully selected outfits and accessories at the ready.

Being asked to participate in such a large event was quite an undertaking, albeit, a rewarding one! We were in a unique position in that, among all the designers, we were the only shop present. Still, it was no small task making sure every detail was flawless.

It was very fascinating being behind the scenes seeing how many people it takes to pull off such a large event and enjoying what local designers were able to create. And we were very fortunate to work with some very charming models from local agency, Option Models. We had to give them a big hand for their great attitudes dealing with the incredibly quick wardrobe changes and still walking out with an air of professionalism. Great job guys!

  We walked away from the event completely exhausted, yet happy. Thanks to everyone that helped out and put up with our late nights an impromptu shopping runs!

As of early 2013, many of you may have noticed a shift in Sweet Jaynes’ style and products. For those who haven’t heard, we have undergone a change in ownership!

With this new ownership we have completely redesigned Sweet Jayne with you, Portland, in mind. We have brought in over 20 different local artist from the Pacific Northwest, representing jewelry, candles, bags, blankets, and clothing, because we love where we live and we want to support the people who work hard to make this area so rich in culture and creativity.

We have had several questions regarding the nature of the boutique and the way we do things. We can safely say that the only things that have been brought over from the previous era of Sweet Jayne was the name of the boutique and the desire to offer reasonable prices on our product.

We now offer new, fashion-forward clothing and accessories for women and have an ever expanding section for men. We have been working to hand select and curate a great group of vendors from the area and have, so far, been completely blessed to have partnered with some fantastic individuals.

It has been a lot of hard work thus far and we still have so much to do. We appreciate all of you who have supported us from the beginning and those who have just become part of the Sweet Jayne family. We look forward to many more years with you in this beautiful city!