Portland Fashion Week

Last year was a big year for us; working with new vendors, getting into the groove of a new business, and participating in some pretty exciting events. Last fall we had the pleasure of being part of the Portland Fashion Week runway show held at Pioneer Courthouse Square, right in the heart of downtown Portland.

It was a three day event showcasing  ready to wear, bridal and couture, and finally, student and alumni from the Art Institute of Portland. We were there first day, clothing rack groaning under the weight of the carefully selected outfits and accessories at the ready.

Being asked to participate in such a large event was quite an undertaking, albeit, a rewarding one! We were in a unique position in that, among all the designers, we were the only shop present. Still, it was no small task making sure every detail was flawless.

It was very fascinating being behind the scenes seeing how many people it takes to pull off such a large event and enjoying what local designers were able to create. And we were very fortunate to work with some very charming models from local agency, Option Models. We had to give them a big hand for their great attitudes dealing with the incredibly quick wardrobe changes and still walking out with an air of professionalism. Great job guys!

  We walked away from the event completely exhausted, yet happy. Thanks to everyone that helped out and put up with our late nights an impromptu shopping runs!

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