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We here at Sweet Jayne love fashion, but far more important than that, we love caring for people and the world around us. With that at our core we have been striving to partner with more and more local artists and designers who share our values. Let’s highlight a few of them shall we?

Sackcloth + Ashes

The founder, Bob Dalton, was compelled to begin Sackcloth + Ashes when in 2013 his hardworking, single mother found herself homeless. Bob saw that sometimes people, through no fault of their own, find themselves on the street.

He contacted several local homeless shelters and all said there was a serious need for blankets, thus Sackcloth + Ashes began. 

Their blankets are beautiful and their heart is simple: for every blanket sold, one is donated to your local homeless shelter.

They currently carry four different types of blankets: Alpaca, Fleece, Socality (pictured), and Tribal. All come in several beautiful colors and materials. I love the idea of wrapping one of these around your shoulders and knowing that one of these blankets is keeping someone out there warm at night.

Indie Ella

Jayna Lamb, the founder of Indie Ella has a fantastic beginnings story. Moving from Amsterdam to the Indian state of Goa she found her inspiration from the local markets, buying up armfuls of beautiful recycled saris and got to work on bringing new life to her finds. From there she traveled to London, Barcelona, Ibiza, back to Amsterdam and finally made her way back to her roots in Texas. There is currently an office here in Portland with whom we do business. 

All the silk saris are sourced from Bangalore and have been worn only once. It’s rather common for wealthy women to attend several (sometimes over a hundred) events a year and it’s customary to wear a different sari for each one. To keep these beautiful fabrics from going to waste, she found a way to give these beautiful garments new life through tops, dresses, kimonos, shorts, ect.

Manufacturing is also taken into account – they work with Fair Trade certified companies and the smaller manufactures are personally inspected to meet all Fair Trade standards. This wonderful brand has been received so well and it’s pieces are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 


Bridge Nine Candle Co.

With the iconic St. Johns Bridge front and center on their logo, it’s hard to find a more truly Portland candle maker than Bridge Nine Candle Co. It is a small local company that prides itself on staying au natural. All candles are made with soy wax sourced in America, 100% cotton wicks, and natural fragrance and essential oils sourced in America as well. All of these ensure a clean burning candle without harmful chemicals.

Several fragrances are available year round, such as NW Cedar, Portland Mist, and Lemon Verbena. As each new season cycles around we get delicious scents such as Citrus, Lilac, and Pineapple Sage in the Spring, while Winter we are graced with scents of Evergreen, Peppermint Bark, and Cider. And those are only a few of the scents they offer! Check out their Instagram for updates on their newest creations.

In addition, when you are done burning your candle, it can be brought in and $1 will be taken off your next candle.  Recycling at it’s finest.

Perspectives Clothing

Their motto: Every thread has a story.

Not only every thread, but also every person. That is the heart of Perspectives, to bring attention back to the people and hopefully inspire us to make a connection to those who really need it.

Their designs are bold, modern, and refreshingly monochromatic.

Partnered with non-profit organizations all over the globe, they are able to bring awareness to a variety of great causes. Plus, 10% of all earnings are sent directly to these organizations. They are striving for change, one story at a time.


What ways do you contribute to the world around you? The people around you? I encourage you all to seek out ways to love your neighbor, bless others, and be good caretakers of this beautiful place we call home.

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